Winter Weather And How It Affects Your Gutters

Winter Weather And How It Affects Your Gutters

Gutters protect your roof by diverting water away from the home, which preserves your foundation and landscaping.

They are crucial to preventing damage from moisture and erosion. Here are important points to remember about your gutters when preparing for cold weather.

Michigan Winter

Rain, snow, and ice are predictably part of Michigan winters. These environmental elements can take a toll on your gutters if clogging occurs from leaves, tree branch particles and other debris. When water is unable to drain properly it can cause moisture to build up, which leads to the spread of mold.

What to Look For After Snow and Ice

When you notice damage to your gutters after a severe storm, the first thing you should do is have a certified roofing team member conduct a thorough inspection of your roof and gutter system. Gutters should be replaced before spring when severe cracking or deterioration is evident.

When Gutters Need Replacement

  • large cracks or holes
  • marks underneath the gutter
  • broken or missing fasteners causing adjoining gutters to separate
  • edges bending away from the roof
  • water pools surround the house with developing mildew
  • high or overflowing water levels
  • evidence of landscaping erosion
  • peeling paint and orange rust around gutters

The appearance of rusty gutters is an indicator of continuous water presence, unless your home is very old. An inspection by a qualified Site Supervisor will determine if there are cracks or defects which require immediate attention.

Certain damage must be fixed as soon as possible, such as when your basement is flooded, which indicates gutters are not functioning properly and there may be a serious leak. If you let this problem linger it can lead to growing damage to your property. So any degradation to shingles should be addressed as soon as possible.

Maintaining Gutters in the Fall

You can begin maintaining your gutters in the fall and throughout the winter to keep them from sustaining damage by making sure they aren’t clogged so water drains freely through them. It helps to double-check when autumn leaves start to fall on your roof.

Connect with us at Moore and Sons Roofing to get a free estimate and learn more about maintaining your gutters and protecting your roof. Our dependable representative will direct you to get financing now so that you can relax and live in comfort, knowing our quality service will help your roof last many years.

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