What To Do After Storm Damage

What To Do After Storm Damage

When a raging storm damages your roof, it can be daunting to know what steps to take. A severe storm can leave you and your family exposed to the elements. As challenging as the restoration can be, knowing the right steps to take can help you restore things back to normal as soon as possible. Here are the steps to take after storm damage.

Stay Safe

After the storm has passed, don’t be in a hurry to step out of the house. Check the local news to be sure your area is safe. When it’s safe to get out, look out for hazards such as exposed nails or broken glasses. Always assume downed electricity lines are energized and stay at least 10 feet away from them. When possible, avoid inspecting your home for damage when it’s dark. If you must do so, carry a flashlight as opposed to candles or open flames to alleviate the risk of fire outbreaks.

Choose the Right Roofing Contractor

Whenever you experience storm damage, it’s important to have the number of a reputable, local roofer in handy. Call them soon after storm damage and have them inspect your home and give an estimate for the necessary restoration. If you delay calling your roofer, you may have to wait longer for emergency roof repairs, which exposes your home to further moisture damage.

Call Your Insurance Carrier

The next number to call is your insurance company. Before you contact them, have pictures of the damage to help the insurance adjuster assess the extent of the damage. There are multiple areas of your home which are susceptible to storm damage. They include:

  • Holes in your roof
  • Split seams
  • Missing, dented, or broken shingles
  • Granules collecting in your gutters or downspouts
  • Dents on gutters, vents, or flashing
  • Leaks in your roof or ceiling

Insurance policies usually cover any damage caused by sudden weather situations such as high winds, lightning, and hailstorms. However, if the damage is triggered by old age or lack of or poor maintenance, your insurer may deny the claim. Always have your roofing contractor on site when the insurance adjuster arrives to ensure all of the damages are captured in the claim form.

At Moore and Sons Roofing in Grand Rapids MI, we have seen it all when it comes to storm damage. Regardless of your situation, our experienced roofers will begin the restoration process by issuing a free estimate on the emergency repairs required. We also work side by side with insurance carriers to ensure you receive the repairs your roof needs. Contact us today to begin the conversation with one of our roofing consultants.

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