What Gutters From Moore And Sons Are Made Of

What Are Your Gutters Made Of?

Gutters are a vital but often overlooked part of the roofing system. They direct rainwater away from the house and keep the siding and foundation free from water damage. Gutters come in a variety of different materials and styles, including cast iron, zinc, lead, painted steel, galvanized steel, copper, aluminum, PVC, and other plastics.

At Moore & Sons, we recommend aluminum seamless gutters for our esteemed customers in Grand Rapids MI, and for obvious reasons. By working with us, you can expect exemplary services and high-quality, sturdy gutters which will serve you for several years to come.

Benefits of Seamless Aluminum Gutters

Aluminum is by far the most preferred gutter material, thanks to its corrosion-resistance, light weight, and affordable cost. Our seamless aluminum gutters come in a variety of colors and styles to match your home’s exterior décor. If you’re considering a gutter replacement in the near future, here are some of the features and benefits you’ll get with our seamless aluminum gutter systems:

Durable and Low Maintenance

Our seamless aluminum gutters are highly resistant to rust. They are made from a special aluminum alloy since pure aluminum is often too soft for gutter applications. This alloy retains the corrosion resistance of pure aluminum while adding strength durability, and rigidity. And since we use seamless gutters, we leave no joints, which require sealants. As a result, your gutters will be less prone to leaks during heavy downpours. Combining this with the rust-proof quality of aluminum alloy, you’re looking at a virtually maintenance-free gutter system which will last for several years to come.

Exceptional Strength

Your gutters take a lot of beating, especially when violent storms hit. One reason some homeowners hesitate to go for aluminum gutters is because of the perceived softness. However, at Moore & Sons, we use special aluminum alloy which is exceptionally strong and can take a deluge of rainwater without bulging or breaking off your roof’s edge. It can also resist cracking and shattering as a result of extreme temperatures. It’s the reason aluminum is preferred for other exterior applications, for instance, siding and windows.

We use heavy gauge aluminum to create your seamless gutters. We use .026 gauge, which is one step higher than most gutters offered around Grand Rapids. Its thickness assures you a professional-grade gutter which withstands severe weather and resists damage from things like ladders and falling tree branches.

Quick Installation

Traditional gutter systems take a long time to install. For example, galvanized steel needs to be cut into shape, riveted, and individually installed. This means a small team can take more than one day to install an average-sized gutter system, which is not ideal for emergency gutter replacements. Since our seamless aluminum gutters are made on-site, we can complete your gutter installation in just a day. Moreover, aluminum does not require a layer of paint primer, so we further save you time and painting costs. Depending on your preference, you can choose from over 90 factory-installed colors with features such as custom baked-on finishes and UV protection. Each impressive color comes with matching accessories to complement your home’s décor.

Your Choice of Two Sizes

The Moore & Sons seamless aluminum gutter system comes with a hidden hanger system for added aesthetics. You can choose between 5″ and 6″ gutters depending on weather patterns and your roof’s pitch and style. Are you wondering what the difference between the two is? 6-inch gutters take up 40 percent more water than a 5-inch gutter. If your area experiences heavy downpours you will need a larger gutter.

Our downspouts also come in two sizes. The 2×3 downspouts work perfectly with the 5” gutters while the 3×4 ones go with a 6-inch gutter. The advantage with a wider gutter and downspout is larger debris is allowed to pass through with ease, which cuts down on your gutter cleaning needs.

Gutter Guards

We also will install gutter guards and screens to further prevent debris from clogging your gutters sooner, should you want this feature.

Overall, our seamless aluminum gutters are weather-resistant across the board, including in cold weather conditions. They are extremely rust-proof, lightweight, and pretty easy to work with.

At Moore & Sons, we strive to give you the best products and service because we really value our reputation in the Grand Rapids community. We always work hard to satisfy the needs of each and every one of our customers – we treat your roof and gutters as our own! So, to learn more about our seamless aluminum gutter systems, contact Moore & Sons Roofing today! You can also request for a free estimate and one of our experienced gutter specialists will be more than happy to help.

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