Watch Your Roof Come To Life

Watch Your Roof Come To Life: Visualize New Shingles With Owens Corning Design EyeQ

Have you ever imagined what your “dream home” would look like with the styles, designs, and colors you most enjoy? Owens Corning has the perfect solution if you’ve considered adding a new roof with unique, vibrant shingle colors to transform your home’s appearance.

As America’s leading roofing manufacturer, Owens Corning offers the latest innovative technology to help you visualize your home’s appearance after adding a customized shingle roof. Design EyeQ lets you see your dream home, or commercial building, come to life.

What Is The Owens Corning Design EyeQ Visualization Tool?

Over the last several decades, Owens Corning has built an unparalleled reputation for providing cutting-edge roofing solutions. Insulation. Asphalt shingle roofing. Composite materials. Now, they have developed a unique online software tool that enables homeowners and business owners to visualize how their new residential or commercial roof will appear. As a user-friendly platform, Design EyeQ offers professionally designed palettes or allows users to create custom color combinations.

How The Owens Corning Design EyeQ Visualization Tool Assists Color Selection

Owens Corning makes the process of seeing your dream roof easier than ever. When you work with an Owens Corning Platinum Preferred Contractor, you have direct access to an expert roofing consultant to assist you with utilizing the Design EyeQ Visualization Tool to the maximum extent possible. Enjoy the process and discover the possibilities.

When initiating your search, select your location. That way, Owens Corning can align you with the information you need for the shingle products available in your market.

Select a preloaded image that closely resembles your home’s style and color, or upload a picture of your existing home to secure a picture-perfect sense of your new roof.

Enjoy experimenting with Owens Corning’s range of shingle products and colors. Envision what a new roof will look like and download finished designs for future viewing.

Consult with your roofing professional after identifying one or more possible options. Obtain their take and ask them for a free estimate based on your preferences.

What Sets Owens Corning Apart From The Competition

The roots of Owens Corning run deep. For over a century, they have successfully experimented with glass, and other complementary manufacturing materials, to invent and refine the finest quality construction products. This innovative approach has led Owens Corning to the top of the roofing industry.

If you have been considering a new roof, Owens Corning produces asphalt shingle products with exceptional quality and unmatched durability. Their various lines of asphalt shingles consistently deliver superior performance in the areas of wind and impact resistance, fire retardation, and waterproofing.

Because Owens Corning’s asphalt shingles are lightweight and flexible, they won’t cause structural damage to your home or building. They rest comfortably on the roof surface. Best of all, Owens Corning asphalt shingles are easy to install. Homeowners and businesses receive maximum value for the price.

There is no debate across the industry. No roofing supplier offers better manufacturer and labor warranties than Owens Corning. They stand behind their asphalt shingles because Owens Corning trusts that homeowners and businesses will be as satisfied with their products as they are manufacturing them.

The Advantages Of Hiring An Owens Corning Platinum Preferred Contractor

A two-story suburban house with gray Owens Corning shingles, a white garage door, a covered front porch, and brown siding.

Owens Corning works closely with countless roofing contractors nationwide to ensure they meet the highest standards for craftsmanship, reliability, and customer satisfaction. At the top tier among contractors exist Owens Corning Platinum Preferred Contractors. This distinguished group of roofing professionals represents the best 1% in the industry in terms of overall performance and reputation.

To earn this coveted distinction, the roofing company must receive a personal invitation from Owens Corning, remain in good standing with the Better Business Bureau (BBB), hold the requisite amount of general liability insurance coverage, fulfill all state requirements for licensing and workers compensation, stay current with roofing best practices, and pass stringent financial background screenings.

Working With A Trusted Roofing Professional To Select Owens Corning Shingle Colors

If you own a residential home or manage a commercial building in Western Michigan, and have been considering a new asphalt shingle roof, contact Moore & Sons Roofing. As an Owens Corning Platinum Preferred Contractor, we have access to the highest-quality shingle options in the roofing industry. We also offer expertise with the Owens Corning Design EyeQ Visualization Tool to help you “try on” their selection of Owens Corning asphalt roofing shingles.

To learn more about our roofing services, receive thoughtful answers to your most pressing questions, or take advantage of the Owens Corning Design EyeQ Visualization Tool with a free, no-obligation consultation, contact Moore & Sons Roofing today.

A beige stucco two-story house with new Owens Corning shingles with a garage, gabled roofs, and a driveway.
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