How To Make Your Roofing Emergency Action Plan

How To Make Your Roofing Emergency Action Plan

Fail to plan and plan to fail; it may be trite but the sentiment is true. You cannot stop a storm or wish away high winds. But you can have a roofing emergency action plan in place.

Before The Emergency

Have your roofing emergency action plan in place so that, whether snow, ice, high winds or pounding rain wreaks havoc on your roof, you are ready.

Five steps you can take today:

  1. Arrange for regular inspections of your Michigan home’s roof
  2. Discuss repair strategies with your local, friendly roofer so you are braced for nature’s worst
  3. Know your homeowners insurance deductible
  4. Have a retreat in mind — a nearby relative or a handy hotel — if your house becomes unlivable due to a fallen tree, downed power lines, or water leaks
  5. Keep your roofer’s telephone number handy, alongside your insurance company’s contact information

After The Storm

Once the storm has passed, if you can safely leave your home, perform a visual inspection from the ground. Walk completely around your home in daylight and note any visible damage. Do tree branches touch your roof? Are power lines precariously close?

Next, check inside, including making a trip into the attic. Do you see leaks, daylight streaming through holes, or other signs of damage?
Third step, after safe, outside and inside visual inspections: make the calls! Call your homeowners insurance company and your local, helpful roofer. Start the claims process, even before you get a full sense of the damage.

If you already have a relationship with your neighborhood roofing contractor, you may move up in their To-Do list as they respond to dozens of calls for emergency roof repair. Your roofer will have the equipment and experience needed to perform a detailed inspection. Your insurance company’s adjuster can work directly with the roofer to get the claim approved and repairs started.

Extra, Extra!

An added bonus by already having a roofer and a roofing emergency action plan in place: less stress! Make two calls and let the insurer and roofer handle the heavy lifting. That’s peace of mind.

A Grand Rapids roofer is available before, during, and after emergency roof repair. With a local contractor, you get strong roofing warranties shielding your family.

Partner with true professionals to protect your property. Moore & Sons Roofing are your allies in planning for any emergency. Contact us today to learn about our emergency roof repair, and much more.

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