How To Understand Your Roof Replacement Cost

How To Understand Your Roof Replacement Cost

If there’s one thing we can say for sure after all our years in the roofing business, it’s that no two roofs are the same. Every home has its own unique set of needs and those needs play a crucial role in determining the cost of your roof replacement

At Moore and Sons Roofing, we take pride in being upfront about all our roofing costs and offering an estimate which includes exactly what your new roof will cost and why. These are some of the factors which determine your roof replacement cost.

Cost is Dependent on the Roof

Any good roofing contractor will need to see your house in person before offering a roof replacement estimate. There are many aspects of your home, such as how many stories you have and how many details the roof has, which help determine the cost.

The taller your house is, the more labor will be involved in getting up onto the roof. The more complex the details of your roof are, the greater time and attention to detail will be required to replace it. If your roof has unusual features, such as skylights, multiple chimneys, or HVAC units mounted on it, this may also add to the time and cost of the job.

Pitch is a Factor

The pitch, or slope, of your roof can have a significant impact on the cost of replacing it. Lower slope roofs are among the easiest to replace, but increased slope can be challenging.

The steeper the pitch is, the greater the challenge for the roofers who need to work on it. Safety may also become more of a concern on very steeply sloped roofs, and the need to work slowly and take safety precautions can impact the amount of time needed to replace your roof.  

How Many Layers Need to be Removed

The more layers your roofers have to tear off, the more time-consuming the job will be, and the more it will cost. Also, when your roofers give you an estimate, it should include whether or not you are having any of the underlying layers replaced (i.e. decking, ice and water shield, flashing and drip edge). It’s important to know exactly what you’re getting for your money.

Also, if your roof has even been re-roofed you could have an extra layer of shingles to remove, which can add to the overall cost of your replacement. A re-roof is when a new layer of shingles is installed over your existing shingles. This isn’t recommended because it can hide existing damage which will haunt you later.

Square Footage of Your Roof

The overall size of your roof is certainly a factor in determining the cost of the roof replacement. But keep in mind the square footage of your roof is very different from the square footage of your home. Different types and styles of houses often have radically different roof dimensions.

A ranch style home, for example, could have greater roof square footage than a typical two-story house. Determining the total square footage of your roof involves measuring the length and width of each plane of your roof (including dormers), and multiplying the length and width of each one before adding them all together. 

Material Chosen

You have a lot of different roofing materials -and colors- to choose from and which ones you pick will partly determine the cost to replace your roof. Shingles, for example, have a much different cost per square foot than tile or metal. Be sure to talk to your roofing contractors about finding the perfect roofing material which meets your home’s needs and fits your budget.

At Moore and Sons Roofing, we are proud to be Owens Corning platinum contractors (a distinction shared by less than 2% of American roofers). This allows us to offer top quality materials and craftsmanship, with superb warranties.

Disposal of the Old Roof

Not all roofers will include removal of any debris in their estimate, so make sure this is included in the estimate before you sign off on the work! The last thing you want is to have your roofers walk away and leave you to deal with the refuse of your old roof.

Our team at Moore and Sons has always been especially attentive about thoroughly removing all the debris from your old roof and leaving your yard as pristine as it was before we arrived. We’ve recently taken this commitment to the next level with our Equipter RB4000, allowing 100% debris-free roofing. 

Contact us today to learn more about working with Moore and Sons Roofing. We’re a multi-generational family-owned company with more than 70 years of cumulative experience in the Grand Rapids, MI area.

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