3 Common Shingle Roof Repairs from Michigan Weather

3 Common Shingle Roof Repairs From Michigan Weather

People who live in Michigan have a common saying when talking about the weather: “Just wait five minutes, and it will change.”

Considering the variety of weather extremes and their frequency, there’s some truth to that old saying. There’s also plenty of truth in the fact that Michigan weather may wreak havoc on your shingle roof.

The weather creates plenty of need for shingle roof repair in the Mitten state. Here’s a look at some of the most common repairs created by the ever-changing climate:

1. Summer heat

Warm weather is often welcomed by Michiganders who are still thawing out from the winter. But excessive summer heat may create the need for shingle roof repair because it accelerates the degradation of your roofing materials. Shingle roofs are not white, so they may attract attention from the hot sun. The sun can warp or curl shingles over time, preventing them from properly shedding water off the roof system. While it may take years for the deterioration to occur, don’t put off shingle roof repair now before it’s too late.

2. Rain

Michigan gets its fair share of rain, and excessive precipitation can also create the need for shingle roof repair. Once your roof starts leaking because of cracked and otherwise damage shingles, water can damage other areas of your home, as well.

Think about how small a molecule of water is; it doesn’t have to be very big to slip into the tiniest crack and start a leak. Your insulation, roofing structure, and home’s foundational structure are next in line to get water damage. A simple roof leak can cause all kind of problems and can be fixed quickly when you call your local roofer as soon as possible.

3. Snow and Ice Damage

Michigan winters are often hard – there’s no getting around it. They’re hard on your roof for plenty of reasons, including that ice can cause asphalt shingles to break or crack. Snow, meanwhile, adds a lot of weight and that spells trouble for a roof that has existing structural problems.

Snow that cannot melt and shed off your roof can get caught at the edge in an ice dam. Freezing and melting over and over again, water can force itself under your shingles and compromise them from the underside.  Having your home’s shingle roof in working order can prevent ice dams from forming and save you precious dollars.

Let the experts at Moore & Sons Roofing of Grand Rapids handle your shingle roof repair. They understand Michigan’s unpredictable weather and the damage it may cause.

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