How To Reduce Storm Damage To Your Roof

There’s no way to overstate the true importance of your roof. It literally keeps every other part of your house—not to mention everyone who lives there—safe from the elements outside.

After a while, those elements start to take their toll.

This is why roof maintenance is so important. It’s the only reliable way to extend your roof’s lifespan, and help it get through harsh storms unscathed. Our team at Moore & Sons Roofing is always here to help you reduce storm damage through preventative maintenance.

Preventative Maintenance and Your Roof

In a nutshell, preventative maintenance is all about catching small problems before they become big problems. It’s about fixing broken shingles before high winds come and tear off all the surrounding ones. It’s about catching a clogged gutter before water backs up and starts to leak into your attic.

We always recommend having your roof inspected and maintained twice annually: once in the spring and once in the fall. This is essential to developing an overall maintenance plan to keep your roof healthy, allowing you to be proactive instead of reactive with your roof. Developing a maintenance plan with your trusted roofing contractor includes:

  • Keeping track of your home and roof history, including a record of all past repairs.
  • Handling small repairs as needed to avoid costly damage or roof replacement in the future.
  • Making plans for bigger repairs down the line so you can prepare and budget for them more effectively.
  • Regularly inspecting your roof to ensure its continued good condition.

Helping Your Roof Weather all Storms

From the thunderstorms of summer to the heavy snows of winter, roof maintenance helps your roof stay strong year-round. Of course, it’s always possible for a severe weather event to impact your roof. In which case, it’s important to have a qualified contractor on standby for emergency roof repairs.

Hiring the right roofer and working with them time and time again allows them to build a relationship with your roof. This helps develop a maintenance plan to keep your roof safe and sound, no matter what. Having a solid relationship and maintenance plan is a Moore Advantage!

Contact us today to learn more about working with Moore and Sons Roofing and how you can gain the Moore Advantage for your roof. From seasonal maintenance to make your roof stronger, to emergency repairs after a storm hits, our team covers all your roofing needs in the Grand Rapids, MI area!

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