Why Platinum Preferred Contractors Produce The Best Results

Why Platinum Preferred Contractors Produce The Best Results

You cannot afford to take any chances with roof replacement on your Grand Rapids home.

Too much rides on your ability to choose a dependable, local contractor and high-quality materials. Think about what your home’s roof safeguards: all your furniture; keepsakes; pets; and most important of all, your family. Choose a local, family-owned roofer who is also a Platinum Preferred roofer.  

Platinum Preferred

Roofing material manufacturers sell their wares everywhere. You can find fiberglass-asphalt shingles in home improvement stores and even in discount stores. The material used on your Grand Rapids home is only a small part of a good roof replacement, though.

Perhaps more important that the roofing profile, shingle selection, or color is the roofer and crew who handle your roof replacement. Their expertise, proper equipment, and conscientious work are all added to those roof materials to produce a weather-tight, water-resistant roof that will provide decades of service.

When you select an Owens Corning Platinum Preferred Contractor, you automatically leapfrog past inferior roofers. You benefit from having a roofing materials manufacturer pre-screen local roofing companies. If a roofer cannot become Platinum Preferred, they are not good enough to handle Owens Corning’s best products or offer its best warranties for roof replacement.


A local roofer vying for your roof replacement who garners the Platinum Preferred Contractor designation from Owens Corning meets these standards, as laid out by Owens Corning itself:

  • In business a minimum of five years
  • A member of the Owens Corning Contractor Network
  • Carrying at least $1,000,000 in general liability insurance
  • Holding licenses and other insurances as required by local, state or federal law
  • With a business credit rating satisfactory to Owens Corning and/or its affiliated entities
  • Passed an installation workmanship inspection

Homeowner Benefits

The Platinum Preferred designation is your assurance that the roofer you pick for roof replacement was also picked by Owens Corning, a maker of exceptionally good roofing materials. Owens Corning also offers it strongest, best warranties to contractors capable of performing exemplary work, the ones who worked hard to earn the Platinum Preferred designation.

Selecting Moore and Sons Roofing as your partner in roof replacement gives you not just a local, trustworthy roofing contractor, you get a genuine Platinum Preferred roofer for the job. Contact Moore and Sons Roofing today to schedule an appointment, to lock in all the benefits of a superior roofer for your Grand Rapids home.

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