3 Ways Moore & Sons Protects You With 6 Nails In Each Shingle

3 Ways Moore & Sons Protects You With 6 Nails In Each Shingle

Hitting fingers with a hammer is only funny when your fingers are not the target, as when Patrick Star hits his … arms? Fingers? Whatever they are, Patrick’s appendages are not helpful for roofing. Why would you, a Grand Rapids homeowner, even care about roofing nails? Because your shingle roof depends on six of ’em in each shingle. 

Six Sticks

Why use six roofing nails per shingle? Six nails help a shingle stick better. On the back of each shingle is an adhesive strip covered by a thin film of plastic. Peel away the plastic, and the adhesive warms up, helping the shingle adhere to the shingle beneath it. The six-nail pattern provides the ultimate adhesion and protection for your roof for three reasons:

  1. Warranty — Different manufacturers of residential shingles have different warranty requirements; CertainTeed shingles must have six nails per shingle to keep the warranty in force, while Owens Corning requires only four (but Moore & Sons still installs them with six nails)
  2. Wind Uplift — Crosswinds and differences in air pressure across your Grand Rapids-area home’s roof can cause shingles to uplift, pulling away from your roof deck; with six nails in each shingle, this is far less likely to occur even in high winds
  3. Steer Clear — Six nails (you can think of them almost as insurance) help your roof steer clear of various ailments, like raised shingle tabs, corroded roofing nails, buckling, shingle blow-off, and adhesion failure

No More Time

With modern installation methods, a roofer takes almost no more time to air-nail six roofing nails than four. The added protection of six nails keeps the shingle secure across most of its surface area. It is well worth the fraction of a second each shingle requires to provide the added safety and strength. 


The nail pattern your professional residential roofer uses is not random. Six nails, yes, but each must be appropriately placed. Owens Corning® Duration® shingles, for example, have a reinforced nailing zone. Each shingle maker has a different recommended placement; your roofer should know this proper installation method and use it for your desired shingle. 

Use caution in your attic; properly installed roofing nails stick out below your sheathing (inside your attic) for maximum grip strength. 

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