How Does Roof Financing Work From Moore And Sons Roofing?

How Does Roof Financing Work From Moore And Sons Roofing?

Why does gravity work? Nobody knows. We know what it does, just not why it works. How does roof financing work? Ah! That, we do know!

Full Roof Replacement

When your Grand Rapids-area home needs a new roof, it needs a new roof. You should not put off such an important project since your roof protects nearly everything you own and cherish. You may say you cannot afford a new roof, but you really cannot afford to let the old one deteriorate. Mold, mildew, water infiltration, and degraded home value all follow a failing roof. 

You do have options for paying for complete roof replacement or extensive emergency roof repair. You can cast around for quarters in couch cushions (not very helpful) or a personal loan (not very affordable). You can also arrange specialized and convenient financing through your roofer. 

Roofer Financing

A local, neighborly business like a residential roofer has long and strong connections to other local businesses, including finance companies. You can leverage your roofer’s reputation to gain financing through the roofing contractor. 

Advantages of using your roofer for financing:

  • Minimal hassle, low stress, and fast answers
  • Flexible terms, including low-interest rates, deferred interest, reasonable monthly payments, and more
  • Custom-tailored loans for the job at hand, no more and no less
  • An easy application process started with your roofer, either through a call or through your on-site consultation

How It Works

You are not expected to automatically, intuitively know the process for getting a loan for complete roof replacement. Ask questions, call your roofer, and seek advice; a reputable roofer with sound ties to a reputable financing company will happily answer all your concerns. 

  • A quick call to your roofer can start the application process. 
  • You need not provide payment upfront if you arrange the loan to pay the roofer directly in one-third installments. Your monthly payments are unaffected. 
  • Answers and the loan come quickly, so you can get the roofing work begun fast, helping to avoid worsening damage or risk to your family. 

Arranging financing with the same roofer who will fix your roof helps you simplify the process, streamline the payments to the roofer, and have a single point of contact. Homeowners in the Grand Rapids area turn to Moore and Sons Roofing when they need the highest quality roof repairs, new roof construction, or complete roof replacement. Contact us today to get a roof that is second to none in Michigan.

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