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Are Metal Roof Accents Worth Getting For Your Home?

Small accents can have a considerable impact on the appearance and curb appeal of your home. With so many options, it can be difficult to know which accents would best compliment your home’s exterior. 

If you are looking for accents to add drama and give your roof a custom look, steel roof accents are a great way to make your roof more dynamic and give your roof some additional protection from water, snow, and ice.

Steel Roof Accent Options

Your home is unique, and it is natural to want to celebrate your home’s interesting architectural features. Depending on exterior characteristics, steel accents can make your home’s roof stand out from the crowd without breaking the bank. 

You may not have a large budget or the need to redo your roof, but you can still update its appearance. Although the cost of steel can be up to three times more than the cost of shingles, you can greatly enhance smaller areas of your roof with steel accents.

The roofing experts at Moore & Sons Roofing wanted to share some insight on which metal accents bring interest to your roof, and in some cases, give added protection against the harsh climate here in Grand Rapids, MN.


One of the most common metal accents is the porch roof. The porch’s appearance should be distinct from the rest of the home. The porch can also be a different color for visual interest. A metal roof accent adds a nice contrast when the rest of the roof consists of shingles.

During the summer, a porch roof with a steel metal accent will give you shade and reflect heat. Along with increased curb appeal, a steel roof gives you a more comfortable porch to enjoy.

Bay Roof

Bay windows are a beautiful characteristic of a home. They stand out, add more light, and give you a beautiful ornamental view both inside and out. Using metal to accent the roof of your bay window will call attention to the window. With over 50 colors to choose from, a steel roof can either match or add contrast to your home’s exterior color palette.


As your home’s entry, the portico is a fantastic place to add a splash of color. A portico roof is supported by columns and must withstand the rain and snow naturally running off from higher levels of your home’s roof. The durability of steel makes it capable of tolerating abuse from rain, snow, and ice. The look of steel makes it a natural choice for calling attention to this attractive feature.


Steel can strengthen architectural details. Cupolas once served the function of ventilation or to provide a lookout. Nowadays, cupolas are more about adornment than function. Found atop roofs of homes, barns, and other buildings, a cupola roof is a perfect location for a metal accent.


Dormer windows extend from the sloped roof and are situated vertically with their own roofs. These windows bring visual interest to the roof while allowing more light into a loft or rooms with high, vaulted ceilings.

The small roofs of dormer windows and the placement of the windows make them an ideal choice for metal accents. An arched or curved dormer can soften the sharp edges of the rest of the roof. The splash of metal will draw the eye to this beautiful detail and significantly improve the aesthetic of your home.

Outbuilding, Additions, or the Garage

A steel roof can give resilience, visual appeal, and longevity to the roof of your outbuilding, addition, or garage. Like other areas, adding metal to accent these roof areas can lend visual interest without the financial commitment of a complete metal roof replacement.

Benefits to Metal Roof Accents

Metal roof accents can add aesthetic value and functionality to your home’s roof. There are numerous benefits to choosing to add them to your home. Some benefits of steel to seal the deal include:

  • Durability – Steel is strong and resistant to hail, wind, and fire.
  • Assists the roof – Snow and rain naturally slide off steel, so no shoveling is necessary.
  • Fights ice dams – Since snow and rain slide off, ice dams will not form.
  • Eco-friendly – Steel can be repeatedly recycled without losing strength.
  • Endless options – Metal accent choices include various shapes and designs and over 50 colors to choose from.

Mixing materials on your roof using steel accents can call attention to the areas of the home you want visitors and passersby to notice. Whether you seek to accentuate your home’s features, lines, or exciting accents with pops of color or a contrasting shape, steel is a versatile and long-lasting option with form and function you will love.

Metal accents require expert installation. If someone inexperienced incorporates metal accents into the roofing system incorrectly, you may experience leaks. The team at Moore & Sons adds superior quality into every roofing project. As a local company, we know what metal accents work best with Michigan roofs. For more information about steel roof accents and expert insight into how best to use them to enhance the exterior of your home, contact the roofing professionals at Moore Roofing & Son. 

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