5 Areas To Use Metal Accents For A More Beautiful Roof

5 Areas To Use Metal Accents For A More Beautiful Roof

Metal roofing is long-lasting, eco-friendly, and perhaps most notably — beautiful. You may have noticed, however, most homes with metal roofs have few to no valleys. Does this mean you can’t enjoy the benefits of metal roofing if your roof has valleys? Not at all! You can have your home mostly roofed in shingles, and then use metal roofing as an accent material. Here’s where to use metal accents.

1. Cupolas

If you have a cupola, it is probably the roof’s focal point. Using metal to roof your cupola will really make it stand out. This is a good place to use copper roofing, which is incredibly long-lasting and develops a unique patina over time. Copper roofing is expensive, but if you use it only as an accent on your cupola, you can create a very elegant look without breaking the bank.

2. Porches

Porch roofs are usually visible from the ground, and they tend to be simple with no valleys. Having just the porch roofed in metal will set the porch apart from the home. Metal is also a good choice for porch roofing because it won’t deteriorate as quickly if water falls on it from the roof above, which may happen during a heavy rainstorm or when you haven’t kept up with gutter cleaning.

3. Porticos

A portico over the main entryway lends a classic look. If the roof of your portico is visible, using metal gives you a unique color-coordination opportunity. You can choose the same color for the roofing as you use for your front door, which creates a very cohesive design.

4. Bay Windows

Bay windows add lovely character to a home. Metal is the perfect material for the tiny roofs over bay windows since it’s less prone to leaks, draws a lot of attention, and comes in an array of colors. This is another place where copper roofing looks amazing.

5. Additions

The roofs over additions often have a low slope and no valleys, which makes them well suited to metal roofing. The metal roof makes the addition stand out, which is especially nice if you use your addition for a separate purpose, such as a small business or home office.

Even if you cannot have your whole home roofed in metal, there are plenty of ways to use metal as an accent. Contact us to schedule a consultation and learn more about roofing options for your Grand Rapids home.

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