5 Reasons Why You Should Keep Your Gutters Clean

5 Reasons Why You Should Keep Your Gutters Clean

Your gutters keep rain and melted snow from seeping into your home and causing damage. This water runs through your gutters to downspouts, where it’s carried away from your home. Your gutters need to be kept clear for water to flow through them.

If you’re wondering if you should clean your gutters, there are plenty of reasons to do this task. Leaves and other kinds of debris can accumulate in your gutters over time, which can lead to any of the following problems.

1. Prevent Roof Damage

When water can’t flow through your gutters due to debris, it can end up damaging your roof. Water damage to your roof can put your home interior at risk of severe water damage and mold growth. Clear gutters help prevent roof damage from occurring.

2. Keep Out Pests

Piles of leaves and other debris in your gutters can attract rodents, bugs, and other pests. These pests can damage your home, and some of them can spread germs to you and your family. Cleaning your gutters discourages mosquitoes, rats, and other pests from building nests or establishing colonies in them.

3. Prevent Damage to Fascia

Too much water in your gutters can cause damage to the fascia boards they’re attached to. Water can cause these boards to deteriorate, which can lead to leaks inside your home. Removing debris from your gutters as often as needed helps protect fascia boards from damage.

4. Avoid Over Watering Garden Beds

When you have garden beds near your home, clogged gutters could damage them. When water cannot flow through your gutters due to leaves and other debris, it overflows on the sides rather than through the downspout. This can lead to too much water getting into your gardens, which can harm your plants.

5. Prevent Cracks in Foundation

Your gutters should move water away from your home exterior, which helps prevent water damage. Clogged gutters cause water to pool near the foundation of your house, slowly wearing away the foundation to seep in. When it freezes, this water can expand and cause cracks to develop in your home’s foundation. This can lead to structural damage, which can affect your home’s safety.

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