How To Handle Roofing Repairs During Michigan Winters

How To Handle Roofing Repairs During Michigan Winters

Michigan winters can bring harsh weather to the Grand Rapids area, including bitterly cold temperatures and snowstorms.

If your roof ends up needing major repairs done during winter, how should you handle it? It depends on how severe the damage is and how extensive the repairs are. Find out more about what you should do for winter roof repairs and how to keep your home safe while work is being done.

Have a Backup Plan

Will you be able to stay in your home in winter while your roof is being repaired? If a large section or sections of your roof need to be fixed, you might be better off making plans to stay at a local hotel or with friends or family. Major roof repairs typically involve a lot of noise and disruptions to your everyday routine. You’ll also have a harder time trying to keep the interior of your home heated while sections of your roof are being repaired, causing uncomfortable living conditions. When you’re at home, you’ll have to be careful about walking around outside due to construction debris which may be lying around. Staying elsewhere, especially if you have kids or pets, means you’ll have a warm and safe place to be until your roof is ready.

Protect Your Home Interior

When your roof is being repaired, parts of your home’s interior, such as the attic, may be exposed to the elements or debris. How can you make sure these parts of your home won’t be damaged from snow and ice or from construction dust and debris? Before work begins on your roof, remove any valuable items from the attic or any other areas possibly affected. If you have items which are too large to move, such as furniture, place a protective covering over them. You can cover the entire area with drop cloths or tarps to keep it safe from any entering moisture. Keep in mind you should also take down any pictures or other items hanging on your walls. Vibrations from roofing work can cause these items to fall.

If your roof needs repairs or a roof replacement this winter, please contact Moore and Sons Roofing. Our company offers quality roofing services for homeowners in the Grand Rapids area.

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