How Grand Rapids Summers Wear Your Roof Down

How Grand Rapids Summers Wear Your Roof Down

There’s no better time to visit Grand Rapids, MI than during the summer months.

However, for those that live in the area, the warmer temperatures are always working to fade and wear at your house. While residents endure the hot summers, roofing materials don’t always fare so well. Roofs can’t climb inside the house for a break when it gets hot. It’s their job to protect the home from the weather outside. What does a Grand Rapids, MI summer do to a roof? A number of things.


There aren’t many shingles that hold up well in extreme heat for long periods of time. If your roof is on the old side and you hit a hot streak, you might notice the shingles curling up on the edges. They can also crack or split completely. Any of these things allow a breach in the roof to develop. During the next rain shower or storm, water can get below the shingles and either damage the roof below, or cause a leak to form. Sometimes, shingles can be repairs, but roof replacement is an option that is often the best recourse.

Missing Shingles

When the winds blow through and the storms ramp up, shingles can blow off and go missing. You might see a few in your yard or you might never see them again. If you have missing shingles, you can often have the issue fixed with a repair, but if the roof is on the old side, the rest of the shingles may not be fastened down well any longer. Roof replacement is the best.

Avoiding Roof Replacement

There aren’t many homeowners who look forward to roof replacement. Many hold out as long as they can in hopes that a storm will blow through so they can use insurance funds for the roof replacement. But if you avoid roof replacement too long, ¬†you can cause serious damage to your home. Leaks don’t disappear and, in fact, only get bigger. They can even cause structural damage if they sit and they can grow mold and mildew in places that are hard to see or fix. You don’t want any of these things happening to your home so it’s best to get roof replacement as necessary.

When you need a roof replacement, or an inspection to see if repairs are necessary, contact Moore and Sons Roofing for help. We want your roof replacement to be simple and easy–and to take place at the right time.

Heavy snow, hailstorms, torrential rain, and other extreme weather can cause extensive home damage. Since the metal roof takes the brunt of any weather condition and is the first line of defense, the damage is often located there. While metal roofs are highly durable and long-lasting, nothing lasts forever and eventually, roof replacement is necessary. Your Michigan home goes through a lot of different weather patterns over the course of a year and it is a good idea to know when a metal roof needs replacement. Here are a few signs.

Sign 1: Rusting

When you see spots of rust on your metal roof, you should know that a roof replacement is probably in order. Metal lasts a long time, but rust isn’t something that easily goes away. If the spots are small, repair might be an option, but after it spreads, roof replacement is the best recourse. You’ll start to get leaks and the roof will start to fail if you don’t address the issue.

Sign 2: Leaks

Metal is a hard material, but under the heat of the sun in Michigan, or the weight of the snow, it can bend and shift over time. Those bends can allow water beneath the surface of the metal and onto the deeper levels of the roof. Once leaks form, they are hard to stop without roof replacement.

Sign 3: Dents

Major hail storms can do serious damage to a metal roof and while they often leave unsightly dents, they can also be a cause for roof replacement. Dents bend the metal and allow for the opportunity for leaks and other issues to settle in.

Metal roofing can last as long as 40 years, but they aren’t infinite. They need roof replacement eventually as well. If you have some damage on your metal roof, your best recourse is to have a professional look it over. Moore and Sons Roofing will come to your home for a free inspection and give you advice as to whether or not your roof can be repaired or if a full roof replacement is in order. Our professional opinion will help you know you are headed in the right direction with your roof. Any new metal roof is an investment and it should last you for decades. Roof replacement will protect your home from the Michigan elements well into the future.

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