How To Plan Your Dream Home's Roof Budget

How To Plan Your Dream Home’s Roof Budget

For some folks, a simple ranch house may be the ultimate, easy-care dream. For others, a multi-gabled, steep-pitched Victorian farmhouse with wraparound porch may the ideal. When planning a dream home, establishing a roof budget depends not only on the roof material but on the design. Here are some tips for avoiding surprises and fulfilling your dreams.

More Intricate = More Expensive

Perhaps the simplest roof possible — a low-slope, lean-to sort of affair — would also be one of the least expensive. As soon as you add any kind of complexity, you add cost.

  • Increased pitch (angle)
  • Multiple ridges and valleys
  • Dormers
  • Turrets or curves of any kind

Roofers must charge for their time, set-up, equipment, and ability to ensure worker safety. The more elaborate your dream home’s roof, the higher the installation cost.

Material Cost

Depending on which roofing material you select, your dream home’s roof price tag could climb unexpectedly high. Among the least expensive materials to purchase and install are plain, three-tab fiberglass-asphalt shingles. Among the most expensive (both to purchase and to install properly) are handmade ceramic tile. In between, you have many options.

  • Architectural shingles with dramatic, deep-cut profiles and tones
  • Cement Tile
  • Cedar or redwood shakes and shingles
  • Composite materials like polymers

A major advantage of building a new roof (instead of reroofing a home) is all the building supplies are new and in excellent condition. This means from rafters to sheathing to underlayment to roofing material, everything is new and (in most cases) fully warranted.

With a new roof, you have no unexpected expenses as you might with an existing roof. A roofer could discover old, rotten sheathing, corroded flashing, or deteriorated rubber boots.


Buying and building new give you the strongest roofing warranties. Partner with an Owens Corning Platinum Preferred contractor to lock in the strongest warranties in the industry. These warranties extend not only to manufacturing defects but to installer error, too.

Your local roofing contractor is a valuable member of your dream home-building team. Involve your chosen contractor early in all decision-making. You want to get valuable input on the best materials, efficient scheduling, and economical job proposals.

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