What to Look For In Your Commercial Roofing Quote

What to Look For In Your Commercial Roofing Quote

You ask for a roofing estimate and the contractor, or contractors, provide you with one – preferably within the time frame they specified.

The question is, how do you know if the estimate is accurate or fair? Quotes vary from contractor to contractor, but knowing what to look for is essential for saving you money, time, and needless hassle.

Here are some things you should find in a comprehensive quote.

1. A Timeline

A quality contractor will provide a timeline of how long the project will last. Delays can happen during any construction project, but a contractor should offer start and end dates within their overall roofing quote.

2. The Cost of Labor

A commercial roof estimate should always include the cost of labor, especially if the work utilizes subcontractors. The cost should include the cost of removing the old roof if it’s necessary.

3. Warranties

A roofing quote should include the specifics about any warranty offered for the project. It should explain whether the warranty is coming from the contractor or the manufacturer. Also, keep in mind that a low-cost quote isn’t always a good thing if there’s no warranty to back up the work.

4. Materials

Your roofer’s quote should cover all of the materials needed for the project, including supplementary materials. 

5. Clean-Up

Does the quote include “incidentals” such as cleaning up after the work is finished? Debris removal and clean-up should be covered in the estimate.

6. Payments

Something else to look for in a roofing estimate is information about the payment – such as due dates, what type of payment the contractor accepts, etc.

Be wary of contractors who only accept cash-only payments, or who ask for cash up-front before the project begins. 

7. Look Beyond the Numbers

While the cost of the project is of utmost importance, dig a bit deeper and consider the experience of the contractor and whether the job may longer take if you work with a highly-trained commercial roofer. Don’t be afraid to ask for references, as well.

Something else to consider is if the contractor will help with insurance claims, if necessary. Roofers experienced in insurance claims will help you through the process and go to bat for you if you encounter issues with your insurer.

Moore and Sons Roofing of Grand Rapids will provide you with the fairest, most comprehensive quote when your commercial roof needs work.

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