What You Need To Know About Commercial Roof Maintenance

If you own or run a commercial building, you know how important the roof is to its overall health.

Other than protecting your premises, roofs also influence your insurance rates. High-quality roof maintenance significantly increases the property’s lifespan.

Why Preventative Roof Maintenance is Important

Preventive maintenance is the best way to improve your roof’s durability. It involves conducting regular inspections and basic repairs. The National Roofing Contractors Association (NRCA) recommends you do this at least twice a year.

Having a contract with a roofing company is a great way of avoiding huge future repair costs. Commercial roofers don’t just inspect your roof during regular maintenance. They also use their expertise to identify potential trouble spots.

A maintenance contract can have different options apart from visual inspections. Others are gutter and drain cleaning, debris removal, general repairs, and new installations. Regular maintenance prevents costly damage from mold, leaks, and extreme weather conditions.

Tips on Commercial Roof Maintenance

You’re advised to only allow expert roofers to inspect your commercial roof. Doing it yourself could lead to damaged tiles, shingles or other components.

Other roof maintenance tips include:

  • Making sure downspouts and drains are not blocked.
  • Checking flashings to ensure there are no gaps or tears.
  • Scrutinizing rooftop equipment such as vent systems to ensure they’re properly sealed.
  • Removing overhanging tree branches, which might cause damage.
  • Looking for and replacing rusting steel decks.
  • Inspecting for signs of destructive insects, such as soft spots and wood damage.

Remember, you can also determine your roof’s condition from inside the premises. Signs of damage include a water-stained ceiling and unexplained water leaks. After inspection, you must focus on necessary repairs to avoid further damage.

After performing an inspection, a professional roofer will provide a detailed report. This gives you an accurate idea of everything you need to do to prolong its lifespan.

Basic repairs include replacing loose screws and fixing roof seams. They also include installing a condensate drain line for HVAC units. You might also need a new, UV-resistant reflexive coating. This improves your roof’s ability to withstand extreme weather conditions.

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