8 Tips To Help You Choose The Best Shingle Color

8 Tips To Help You Choose The Best Shingle Color

When you’re planning on updating your roof, picking new shingles is among the first tasks to do. You don’t have to go with the color of your existing shingles. Instead, consider choosing a different color to give your Grand Rapids home a new look.

How can you make sure you choose the best color for your new shingles? Keep the following tips in mind when going over your options.

House Color

The color of your house can help determine the right color shingles to get. You choose a color to:

  • complement or blend in with your siding, which can give your home a harmonious, uniform look.
  • select a color to contrast your siding – just make sure it doesn’t clash with the color of your siding.

Architectural Style

Your home’s architectural style is another factor to consider when choosing a shingle color. If you’re not sure what would look best on your home, look at homes with the same architectural style in your area.

A solid shingle color might work well for certain styles, such as colonials. Shingles in varying colors might work better on other architectural styles, such as a ranch home.


When choosing the color of your shingles, think about how they’ll look in the sun. You can expect sunlight to shine on your roof at least part of the day. Depending on how much sun hits your roof and the color you choose, sunlight can give shingles a dull or washed-out look.

Sunlight might not have the same effect on your shingles’ appearance throughout the year. The sun will affect the look of your home in different seasons. Keep this in mind when selecting your shingle color.

Energy Efficiency

Shingle colors also affect your home’s energy efficiency. Darker shingle colors absorb more sunlight and heat, which can cause you to use more energy to cool your home in summer.

Lighter shingle colors reflect sunlight and heat. This results in improved energy efficiency since your home is able to stay cooler in summer so you won’t have to run your air conditioning as often.

Surrounding Habitat

Another factor to consider is your surroundings. If you have a lot of trees or woods around your home, the color you choose for your shingles may change.

You can choose shingle colors in natural tones to blend in with the surrounding habitat. For example, you might choose brown or green tones for your shingles. Alternatively, you can select a color to help your home stand out more among the trees and other natural surroundings.

HOA Rules

If your neighborhood or community has an HOA, your color options might be limited. Check with your HOA to see if there are any rules on shingle colors. You might not be able to select a certain color or colors for your home, so it’s better to find this out before you make your choice and have the shingles ordered.

Having HOA rules on colors can benefit you by helping you narrow down color options away. Instead of having to choose from a wide range of colors, you can focus on shingle colors your HOA allows.

Personal Preference

When you’ve taken your siding color and other factors into consideration, you’ll be ready to choose a shingle color. While these factors are important, don’t overlook your personal preferences. You might find that a certain color doesn’t appeal to you, even if it goes with your siding color and architectural style.

Taking your personal preference into consideration will ensure you end up being satisfied with the way your new shingles look. Your personal preference could also help if you’re having trouble deciding between two different shingle colors.

Shingle Shape

In addition to choosing the color of your shingles, you’ll also need to choose the shape. Shingles are available in several different shapes. The shape that works best on your home will depend on certain factors, such as the style of your home.

Plan on taking a look around your Grand Rapids neighborhood to see what shingle shapes other homeowners have. Focus on homes with the same style as yours or homes with a shingle color you’re considering. Doing this can help you narrow down your options for shingle shapes.

If you’re ready to choose new roof shingles for your Grand Rapids home, contact Moore and Sons today. Our dependable team members can help you select the best color for your shingles. We can show you samples of different shingles, so you have a better idea of how they’ll look on your roof.

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