3 Risks You Face By Not Calling Your Roofer After A Storm

3 Risks You Face By Not Calling Your Roofer After A Storm

No matter how durable your roof is, strong storms in the Grand Rapids area can cause damage to it. If this happens, you should get in touch with a roofer as soon as possible. What are the risks of waiting to call after a storm?

Safety Concerns

Damage to your roof can cause safety issues for you and your family inside your home. Your roof might be unstable if there is severe damage, which could cause part of it to collapse. Minor damage can cause safety issues as well, such as the risk of moisture or water damage from leaks. A damaged roof also puts neighbors and passersby at risk of injuries.

Greater Amount of Damage

If you don’t have storm damage fixed right away, it could turn into more serious damage over time. Even minor problems can become major issues when repairs aren’t made, which could make your roof unsafe. If you wait for repairs and other storms happen, they could also cause additional damage.

The interior of your home could end up with extensive and costly damage when you put off storm repairs. Roof damage can allow water to get into your home, causing mold growth and wood rot. Having openings in your roof from a storm also makes it easy for pests to get inside and cause greater damage to your home.

Longer Waiting Time

When severe storms come through the area, you might not be the only homeowner with roof damage. If you don’t call for repairs right away, you might have to wait longer to have your roof fixed. Calling your roofer as soon as possible helps ensure your roof is repaired quickly, so your home is well-protected.

You might also have a longer waiting time for emergency patching, such as having a tarp put on your roof. Without this protection, your home is vulnerable to damage from the elements. Being able to have tarping or small repairs done right away helps keep you and your family safe, warm and dry.

If you have roof damage after a storm, please contact Moore and Sons Roofing right away for roof repairs in Grand Rapids. Our team members can come out to your home promptly to assess and fix the damage.

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