The Benefits Of Metal Roofing For Your MI Roof

The Benefits Of Metal Roofing For Your MI Roof

Besides a long-lasting protection for industrial buildings, what is metal roofing? Is it really a good solution for residential roofs? More important, will it look good on your roof?

Metal Roof Benefits

Metal roofing is ideal for residential roofs. Modern techniques and an amazing array of colors make metal roofs attractive, extremely long lasting, and energy efficient.

Metal roofs easily outlast every other residential roofing material currently available. With life spans starting at 30 years, metal roofs are ready to give you plenty of return on your investment.
More, metal roofs are beautiful, boost curb appeal, and are available in many styles and materials:

  • Standing seam
  • Natural copper
  • Shakes
  • Shingles
  • Panel
  • Tiles
  • Galvalume steel
  • Aluminum and aluminum alloys
  • Galvanized steel

Though metal roofing costs more at installation, its per-year cost drops sharply when you consider its average life span. If you are planning to stay in your home for many years, a metal roof is the answer — expect it to last three to ten decades!

Some homeowners worry they will compromise on color when selecting a metal roof. Not so; metal roofs are finished in just about every color of the rainbow, and the colors are protected with clear coats.

Metal Roof Installation

Installing a metal roof differs from shingle roof installation. Generally, homeowners and roofers work together to decide if the old shingle roof should come up or if the new, beautiful metal roof can be installed over it.

Whether installed over or in place of shingles, the metal roof uses battens to create an air space between sheathing and finished roof. This increases insulation and reduces noise concerns. Installation time and complexity is about equal to shingle roofs.

Metal Accents

Not ready for a full metal roof? Consider metal accents such as these:

  • Porch roof
  • Cupola
  • Valleys
  • Roof for an addition
  • Bay window roof
  • Portico
  • Dormer roofs
  • Entryway roof

A small metal roof accent is a great way to become familiar with this amazing roofing material.

A decorative, eye-catching metal cupola can set off your home and make it the talk of the neighborhood. Small accent roofs in gleaming metal over bay windows and entryways can provide visual drama.

Moore & Sons Roofing stands ready to help you realize your dream of a durable metal roof or metal accents for your existing roof. Contact us today to learn more about your many options in metal for your Michigan home.

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