Can Leaking Roof Really Cause Mold In My Home?

Can A Leaking Roof Really Cause Mold In My Home?

Folks at Google must scratch their heads over some popular searches: “Can a liver heal itself” (You bet!); “Can a leaking roof cause mold.” Please, Google, allow us to help with that one. 

Start Typing

Our searches both started the same way: “Can a l—.” You are not alone in searching for answers about roof leaks and mold. With Michigan’s historically challenging winters, we in The Lake State deal with a lot of water in all its forms

Of course you worry: is your roof leaking? Is water coming into your living space? Is mold taking up housekeeping inside your house? 

You can start typing out just about any question and somewhere out there, an answer is waiting. Not necessarily the right answer, but an answer. We provide only the right answers: 

  • Your roof can leak from a hole as small as one left by a missing roofing nail
  • Roof leaks can ruin rafters, sheathing, insulation, drywall, indoor air quality, and your furnishings
  • Roof leaks may go undetected for months, allowing mold to spread in your attic
  • Roof leaks can cause mold to propagate and spread inside your living space
  • Mold spreads fast — it germinates within around 48 hours of settling on a damp surface
  • Mold is not even visible for around 18 days after settling on a porous, moist surface
  • By the time you see mold caused by a roof leak, it may have spread beyond your ability to stop it

Green and black molds are the most concerning for any Michigan homeowner. They affect sinuses, throat, eyes, and lungs. Mold remediation is seldom a do-it-yourself (DIY) project. If you find mold, dry out any wet items and contact a mold remediation service immediately. 

Start Repairing

Your residential roofer is your ally in stopping roof leaks. Just as mold remediation is not a DIY project, neither is roof repair. Stay off your home’s roof! Rely instead on your neighborhood roofer to remedy those roof leaks, fast. 

Your roofer will inspect your roof and attic space, determine the extent of mold and roof leak damage, and then repair the leaks. This may include replacing flashing, shingles, or more. If the leaky roof is not repaired, the mold will return.  

If you own a home in the Grand Rapids area, connect with Moore & Sons Roofing today! We are ready to help you with everything related to your roof, from inspections and roof repairs to re-roofing and new construction.

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