3 Things Your Dream Home Needs From Its Roof

3 Things Your Dream Home Needs From Its Roof

Building a new home requires working with an experienced roofer. They will do the job correctly and have better warranties to protect it. Work with a licensed and insured professional who uses the proper tools and materials for a long-lasting roof. Here are three important points to consider for your new residential roof.

1. New Roofing Design Considerations

When considering new home roof styles, remember it takes more than shingles to protect your home. You also need proper insulation, venting, roofing material, underlayment flashing. A skilled installer who follows industry standards and building codes is also imperative. Your new home roof vents and other protrusions must be free of leaks. The new home construction roof warranty covers all parts and labor.

Roofing a new home takes planning. You want the design to fit in with the neighborhood yet stand out as new and attractive. Your goal is having a long-lasting roof over your head. Achieve this with an integrated system of components applying the seal, defend, and breathe principles.

The seal phase involves creating a water-proof barrier. This helps defend against environmental elements such as sun, wind, and rain. Effective sealing not only blocks water, but it also helps prevent the spread of mold.

Creating ice and water barriers protects vents, chimneys and other roof areas where water collects. Further protection from water comes from strong adhesion for keeping shingles in place. The roof must also breathe for balanced attic ventilation by optimizing airflow.

2. Designing a New Roof

One of the key advantages to constructing a roof for a new Michigan home is there isn’t an old roof to remove. It will also give you more insulation options, such as modern decking and a water/ice barrier. You’ll save time looking for hidden damage while thinking more about the style you want. Another concern should be the degree to which trees hang over your home and whether or not they should be trimmed.

You should work with a reliable local roofer who plans on being around for many years. Be aware that many roofers come and go without having a stake in developing long-term relationships. The ones with a long history have shown commitment to their craft and community.

The installation will go much smoother with a skilled and experienced roofer. They should be certified by the manufacturer of the roofing materials. Working with an OC Premier Contractor will provide a much better warranty. Their warranty goes beyond the superior service and installation they provide.

3. During and After the Building Process

Constructing a new roof requires planning where extensions such as HVAC equipment will be. Planning also involves choosing materials which are compatible with the roof’s pitch. The shape of the home will be a factor as well, along with the climate of the region. A ranch home can have more roof square footage than a small, two-story home’s roof. Knowing the basics of what your roof needs is important before the building begins.

The foundation of your home is done first. After the foundation comes the rough framing of your new home. Next, the floor, wall, and roofing systems are installed and a house wrap is installed. Rough plumbing, electrical, and HVAC is put in next. Now your roofer will complete the roof. Once your roof and siding is complete, your home is ‘dried-in’ — meaning a storm will not damage the interior.

Once the new roof is installed, the roofer should fully inspect your new roof for these things.

  • Make sure it is water-proof, especially around the flashings.
  • No water should seep through wherever the roof intersects with walls or protrusions.

From there you should schedule your roofer to make regular inspections. Modern roofs are designed to last for twenty years or more. The key to getting the most out of a new roof is to have it inspected periodically.
New home roof styles, vents and roof warranty considerations are key elements to keep in mind when building your new home. The most important thing to remember is choosing a professional roofer who follows best industry practices. Contact us at Moore and Sons Roofing to learn more about residential roofing in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

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